Initial intent of writing a book on Blockchain

I was contemplating quite some time to write a book about this new digital asset class.   I wanted to share the power of blockchain technology as I was working on it daily. Writing a book itself is a huge task – at least one year of intense work – because it is not only just writing what I know, but write in a way it is useful to the readers, which means doing a lot of research, strong technical writing and working with editors and designers. 

Finally last spring, I started writing, as I felt that I could bring value to those who want to understand this space and take meaningful actions such as investing.

There are plenty of great books in the market on blockchain technology and how it will shape our world.  They did a great job on illustrating the technology, but many were missing is the following – bringing actionable insights for investors on which they can act upon. These books were too high level to act upon and benefit as investors.  It did not answer what to invest, why to invest, how to invest and when to invest, etc. On the other side, there were many books, which were giving good guidance on timing the cryptocurrencies market, what to invest and methods of trading them but did not delve into underlying factors.

Both these groups were doing catering to their specific markets, which is great. In fact, there are really many good books on both sides.  Where I felt the missing gap was that, taking a deep dive of the technology, understand its impact and turn them into investment insights for investors who were investing in other asset classes such as equity, bonds, gold, real-estate and angel investing. Why Bitcoin is not just digital gold and Ethereum is not just a token platform but how they are redefining our world and many industries. Taking a holistic approach to analyzing the fundamental factors, technical factors and above all long-term market opportunities; how to reduce risk and get exposure by diversifications, ETFs and index funds. 

That is why we called the book savvy blockchain investor and not savvy crypto investor. It is about the deep-dive into blockchain technology investing.  Our idea is also to keep actively sharing insights as the market and technology evolve.


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